The Church and John Streets Revitalisation Project is now delivering project wide with a buzz of activity on all streets and work is progressing in line with program expectations.


The next few days will focus on improving the functionality and use of the disability permit parking and loading bays on John Street from (Gawler to Church), as well as focussing on landscaping and mulch placement through this zone. Installation of conduit will be undertaken via under boring in the next month or so, with planting of the garden beds in late October.

You’ll also notice the road realignment of Church Street from John to James Street allowing for the expansion of Salisbury Civic Plaza. Coming up in early August, changes will occur to the bus stops at the Salisbury Community Hub, Bakery and Wiltshire Street to accommodate the delivery of the project works in these areas. Dept of Infrastructure and Transport will undertake the necessary public communications and these will be shared by the SBA and the City of Salisbury’s communication channels.

Laying of new bitumen will occur to sections of the Sexton carpark now that drainage works/ new entrance design have been completed.

Council continues to work closely with the SBA and affected businesses in the precinct to avoid any disruptions and address any concerns.

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