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Who are we?

The Salisbury Business Association is a not for profit incorporated membership based organisation funded through an annual Special Rate levy collected by the City of Salisbury.

Services We Provide

We provide a range of services, to meet the needs of our members. They include:

  1. Communication to local traders and businesses;
  2. Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of traders to Salisbury Council, government departments, other stakeholders,
  3. Providing a Spotlight on Salisbury philosophy in anything and everything that can attract people to the Salisbury City Centre;
  4. Engagement activities/events such as Community Christmas Parade, Salisbury Car Show, Food and Cultural Festival, and others, and we are a partner for the Salisbury Secret Garden;
  5. Opportunities for businesses to develop and capitalise on Business2Business (B-2-B) activities;
  6. Facilitation (through a one-stop-shop service) as to where to go to for help;
  7. Annual member survey to ascertain the needs of members;
  8. Training seminars and workshops, delivered, or facilitated, by the Association; and
  9. Other services as required.

Association’s Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be to:

  1. Improve the image of the Salisbury City Centre;
  2. Formulate, and oversee the implementation of, a marketing strategy for the Salisbury City Centre;
  3. Promote the Salisbury City Centre as a whole;
  4. Attract more people to the Salisbury City Centre;
  5. Encourage ethical behaviour and good business practice amongst the Association’s Members;
  6. Liaise and co-operate with the City of Salisbury and other authorities and bodies for better achieving the objects of the Association;
  7. Generate funds to fulfil objectives 1 to 5 above.

How is the Association Managed?

The Association is managed by a Board of Management of up to 12 members including:

Up to 9 members elected at an AGM including:

  • Chair
  • Deputy Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 5 General Members

3 non elected members

  • City of Salisbury Elected Member Representative
  • 2 Community Representatives

Nominations are called at each AGM, and unfilled vacancies can be filled by the Board at anytime. To register interest in joining the Board, please email info@salisburyba.com.au

Board members freely give their time and expertise and receive no financial payment for their services to the Salisbury Business Association


Membership is open to:

  1. Any business which is a registered business and which rents, leases or owns the premises from which it carries out it’s activities in the City of Salisbury City Centre Zone (within the boundary of Park Terrace, Commercial Road and Salisbury Highway) or,
  2. Any organisation, or statutory authority which is not a business which carries out its activities in the City of Salisbury City Centre Zone and having genuine interest in achieving the objectives of the Association.

Networks of the Board

Board members represent the Association on a range of external groups and sub-committees and attend many meetings to ensure that members of the Association are up-to-date on issues which impact on them.

How can you get involved?

  • Nominate for the Board,
  • Attend networking sessions,
  • Partner with Association activities,
  • Sponsor Association events.