The Church and John St Revitalisation Project is delivering at its peak intensity now, with construction occurring in all Project Areas with around 50 workers on the jobsite.

In the upcoming fortnight, major work will be carried out in the following areas:

John St (West of Church)

  • Underground drilling and conduit installation
  • Linemaking
  • New Parking Positions

John St (East of Church)

  • Pit and Conduit Works at Lightpole locations
  • Landscaping Works
  • Footpath works

Church Street

  • Temporary bus stop relocation to allow footpath reconstruction and underground services works at the Bakery/Moo Cutz. Works to be staged around business hours.
  • Reconstruction of footpaths and landscaping on both sides between Park Tce and Wiltshire

Sexton Car Park

  • Asphalt placed with interim line marking work to occur this week to open carparking bays.
  • James St and Church St pavement ongoing

Council continues to work closely with the Salisbury Business Association and affected businesses in the precinct to avoid any disruptions and address any concerns.

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